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Open Your Eyes - UFO Video and Testimony

Compilation of UFO Video Footage and Testimony

1 hr 35 min 10 sec - May 28, 2006
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Footage and Testimony from well qualified witnesses. Raw information. No editorial agenda.

Will you watch this all the way through? Will it awaken you? Then forward this link to at least 1 other person.

Wake up. It's time to move on. The path to our future is indicated by this evidence.
Indeed, here we have – likely – the most objective UFO research release to-date. “Why?”, you may ask.

Well, for starters, there is no stupid dramatic commentary by a Star Trek graduate. In fact, there is very little in terms of spoken word altogether – with the exception of raw and uncut interviews with various famous people.

This is not to say that the interviewees themselves have no agenda – it’s just that everything included here is presented as-is.

That’s fantastic in itself.

The footage is gob-smacking, indisputable, well-researched and spans the period from the 60’s up to the current times. If you are patient and carefully follow the movie, you will quickly realise how the UFO sightings have evolved over time.

The complexity of the sightings and the quality of the recorded footage have been steadily improving from the time of the first video images.

If you enjoy hype and dramatisation, you might want to investigate the next video. After all, sometimes, to get the message through, you gotta yell it in one’s face.

Added: 20 September 2007

UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied
1 hr 34 min 2 sec - Dec 24, 2006

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This is the best of the whole story of UFO investigation that we have today. It’s an All in One, UFO’s Prophecy and technology.
Here is another great video summary of the best UFO evidence and testimony.
You might wanna have a look before it disappears completely.

Except… in the case of this movie – just as is the case with most mainstream UFO documentaries, certain assumptions are made about the purpose of the alien visitation.

Without going into the debate about the meaning of the word “alien”, it’s all too easy to fall back asleep and convince oneself that these things are completely benign in nature. That somehow we are aggressive and ignorant towards the alien civilisation (or civilisations) visiting our planet.

Now, when somebody says to you, “Of course they are friendly. If they weren’t, we would have been annihilated a long time ago…”

Such reasoning does not consider the possibility of you being food.

Added: 25 September 2007

Alien Autopsy - Original Footage
16 min 41 sec - Dec 24, 2006

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Session 950812

A: They are very real and physical in fourth density, too. The difference is that fourth density physicality is not the same as third density physicality. But that is not to say that there is no physicality in fourth density. (…)
Third density physicality, however, remains constant on third density. When a being or a craft or an instrument of any kind manufactured or conceived in fourth density arrives in third density, it is able to navigate through third density in fourth density reality.
However, when it malfunctions, whatever is left of it remains in third density.


Q: (L) Okay. So we have some real things happening, and a possibility that a film was taken of this interaction with these malfunctioning fourth density beings and craft. And, supposedly, this film is going to be shown on television. Is this film of this autopsy, and examination of craft remains, a true filming of same, or is it a fake, or fraud?

A: Well, one would suggest that for the maximum amount of learning, that the film be witnessed by those seeking the truth, in order to determine for themselves whether or not it is factual, as such will be possible upon viewing.

Session 950902

Q: (L) Well, on the subject of abduction: we watched a film on television, (…) that was a purported video of an alien autopsy, or, more correctly, an autopsy on an alien body. Was this, in fact, an alien?

A: How do you define "alien?"

Q: (L) Was it a being other than a naturally born human on this planet as we know human beings?

A: That is correct.

Q: (L) It was other than a naturally born human?

A: Correct.

Q: (L) Okay. What kind of a being was this?

A: Hybrid.

Q: (L) What was it a hybrid of - combining what elements?

A: Cybergenetic creatures you refer to as "Grays," and earth human such as yourself, third density. So, in essence, it was a hybridization of a 3rd density and 4th density being.

Session 951202

Q: (L) (…) While watching the alien autopsy film, we saw a massive organ that occupies the whole center of the abdominal cavity. What was that?

A: Heart/liver.

Q: (L) (S) A combination of both in one?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) They also carefully removed a solid or hard object which they then put in a small container. What was this object?

A: Crystal transceiver.

Q: (L) What was all the loose matter?

A: Organic tissue. Not important.

Q: (L) Was it a female or a male?

A: Both and neither.

Q: (L) Was it a being that could reproduce sexually?

A: No.

Q: (L) What kind of nourishment was required by that being?

A: Saline gelatin globules.

Q: (L) Did it eat as we do, through the mouth?

A: Cordates.

Q: (L) What? What is that?

A: Applications using biological microforms to metastasize through primary glandular channels.

Q: (L) Did that being use oxygen as in breathing?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where were the lungs?

A: Side of torsal cavity.

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UFO Conference 2005 - Jamie Maussan
1 hr 33 min 23 sec - May 3, 2006

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Out of this world videos! We have to force the government to release ALL secrets!
Well, if you read this far - you should be rewarded for your curiosity.
Here is some latest research for mulling over.

Just rememeber - food can run.

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