Thursday, 2 August 2007

JFK and George Bush Sr - CIA Link Conspiracy

1 hr 30 min 27 sec - Apr 23, 2006
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Movie proving George Bush Sr guilt in JFK assassination.

Now, this is some movie. Everyone likes a good conspiracy theory story - I love them. This one is pretty convincing, too but of course - at the end of the day, we don't really know the last ounce of the truth.

In any case, not many people like the Bush family and so they make an easy target for stuff like this.

What I like the most about this movie is the animation - it is very South Parkish and very effective. Also, the narrator's voice is engaging and entertaining.

Make up your own mind - and this movie is a great start to understanding both sides of the equation.

Added: Friday, 7 September 2007

This is proving to be the most popular page in the whole blog.

That's interesting in itself – after all, these pages are not really advertised anywhere. So all the people visiting here are obviously searching for terms associating The Bush Family with JFK and the whole assassination thing.

I believe – and this is the place where I get to express my beliefs – the question of Bush Sr.’s alleged guilt is quite irrelevant. Yep.

I believe that what is much more important here is the perception that some people have which leads them to think along those very lines. You could say that Mr. Bush and his cronies have a PR problem more than anything else.

You could say that – however, if you investigate “the fruit of the tree” in this case – would you still say that?

What motivates anyone to wonder if there is any connection between The Bush Family and assassination of JFK…? And then to go out and look for some validation of the theory... in places like this blog…

Is the motivation based on some irrefutable proof that they have sighted or overheard somewhere – leading them to check who else knows about it?

Or is it a purely intuitive – or psychic – inclination that just does not sit comfortably in one’s stomach, motivating the “attuned witness” to test the hypothesis… To gently flap the butterfly’s wings…

Perhaps it is a combination of All – a part of One.

What’s even more important here is the fact that - apparently - there are many such seekers, acting in unison, deliberating on the nature of reality and the true nature of those who choose to mould events to suit their own self-serving goals.

Some researchers chose to write about it. Here is a site about Political Ponerology -

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