Monday, 31 January 2005

Oh No More Functions

The final release of the "Rebound" CD has really dissolved some creative blocks in me. It is a very interesting feeling to just be devoid of misery to a large extent. Like I suspected these CD burning exercises are basically parallel to my internal state of being, the way I feel about life and things in general. The next volume of Creation will be called "Recovery" which is the other meaning of the word rebound - the more positive one.

As I can't help myself and be linear about just about anything I do, of course there are other projects stewing on the backburner while the seeker's soundrack gets researched. It's nice to bring some of the music to work in the local restaurant. It's interesting to observe people's emotions and behaviour while you play some of these tunes. Most of the music is extatic in nature and some people seem to enjoy it. Of course, you have to suss out the crowd on the night, their age and what sort of atmophere prevails on the night.

For example, the thumpier sort is better for the nights when there are functions on. Then people are more relaxed, the floor is loud and everyone wants to have a good time - including the staff. Then the "Functions" series fits in really well.

On the other hand, if the floor is quiet and people want to just relax and chew their food, something slower is more appropriate. I have tons of tunes that are good for quick and fun times but the slower ones, more appropriate for dinners are a whole different cup of tea. Working on it right now - have quite a few choices to play with, just gotta get my crap together.

"Oh No More Functions" is the second volume in the "Functions" series. I was getting bored of playing the same tunes over and over. Since the research never stops I had already collected some real nice music and it begged to be released into the wild. Funny how it all happened right after the "Rebound" was born.

I wouldn't mind to produce those cool CDs with the tracks fully mixed in - no gaps between the songs. It would be awesome. If I don't keep shooting myself in the foot all the time, it just might happen. More networking is necessary still. DJ's are a very peculiar and fickle bunch...

Friday, 28 January 2005

Creation vol.3 - Rebound

Well, it's finally happening - the third incarnation of the Creation series is being born as I am typing this. The third volume is called "Rebound"; it is the hardest compilation that came out of this CD-burner to-date.

What are these compilations all about? Good question that. There's a bit of a long story behind it all even though the whole affair took off only in the last few months. Basically, it is a means of self-healing, self-therapy. I am using sound to heal my soul. 'Sounds' kinda weird, doesn't it . And yet it is so effective.

After the last relationship I hit it low pretty hard. Yeah, I will always add, "But I broke up with him!" and yet it doesn't really make me feel any better. It was very intense and so very educational. Towards the third month after the break-up I just started going nuts. It was impossible to reconcile some issues that were replaying in my head - it just wasn't sticking together very well.

This is also around the time when my friend Chris gave me a CD that he had burnt himself. The music kinda sucked (sorry Chris, it did!) but the concept was just so interesting. What he did was to choose a song for every boy in our group and put them all together on a CD. There was even one for me in there! And I was only a new addition to the group! What a way to make a person feel included and liked and accepted and all those fuzzy and warm things with the big shiney Japanese cartoon eyes that make you go aaaahhh. He gave a copy to everyone asking to guess which song was theirs. I don't think I got mine right but guessed Chris's instead. LOL.

And that's how it all started. It was perfect. This was the way to express my inner feelings and emotions, to release the pent-up energy constantly building up inside with no way out. After all while I was going through the hardest times imaginable, I still listened to music, right? So what was that music? What was the stage I was in while those tracks were being played? Perfect. It’s like my life’s soundtrack!

It seemed kinda easy to identify the stages I was in at the time. With a little third-person skill, anyone can do it. So while I was boiling my eyes out and cursing the Universe for being so mean (really I was just cursing myself for being so stupid and retarded), I would pike up and yell, “Well at least I fucking know what to call the next Creation! Rebound! Fucking Steven!”

It was funny at the time. You had to be there.

This is heavily paraphrased in time and space, of course and yet the basic idea is the same. You get into a stage that you name under the most peculiar and crazy circumstances – the name just comes, and then just delve into music and choose the stuff that tickles your fancy. In my case, I call it “cathartic release” or “ecstatic arousal”. Then you put it together and annoy your friends with it while you exhibit the most sickening expressions of pride and satisfaction from your achievements.

And of course the whole thing gets addictive after a while. You just cannot stop. After a while you realise that you can annoy the customers in your restaurant and so a whole new series is born – Creation Industries. That you can unleash on the masses while they have their expensive dinners or functions. Well, at least you are having fun! But then you notice wagging feet and smiles and the noise level goes up – and so do the tips. Hmmmm… Maybe that marketing degree did work… Lucky uni is nearly finished…

Oh, by the way, "rebound" has two meanings. One is to bounce back, return and the other one is to recover. I meant the former meaning here. I was freaking out and wanting to go back to the ex for some reason - well I can kinda see the reasons now. "Recovery" is the next compilation that I am currently researching...

"Rebound" was the hardest because it took the longest to get over it and hence complete the research for the soundrack. Cool, hey.

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

The rending has begun...

I have finally decided to take up the challenge and join the masses of bloggers.
This is an intriguing exercise and I can feel it - it's gonna be a bit of a challenge.

I have chosen the title to be "Rending The Veil" after my favourite book by William W. Aber published in 1899. This is probably the oldest book that sits on my bookshelf. Incidently, this is also the book that a stray possum chose to attack when he broke into the apartment looking for bread. Go figure...

The book contains direct transcripts from a series of spiritist sittings way back then. There are quite a few interesting statements that have been made by the "spirits", some of them rather mind-blowing. Yep, ghosts are retro but they're making a comeback!

The front page of the book is rather peculiar. It is kind of representative of what the end of the 19th century was all about and how the issue of spiritism was treated. Here it comes:

The Mystical Quadruple Interrogatory

How? What?? Whence??? Whither????

Concerning the Existence of Man, and all Things, and all Being, and all
Life, so far answered by the Contents of this Book as to
suggest for an appropriate Title, to-wit:

Rending The Vail

This Volume is compilation by J. H. Nixon of Psychic
Literature, mostly given by Spirits through
and by means of

Full-Form Visible Materializations,

At Seances of a certain Psychic Research Society known as the

Aber Intellectual Circle,

The Medium being

William W. Aber.

It is believed that

Rending The Vail

Is the only book in the World, as a Scientific Treatise of Phenomenal
Spiritualism, claiming its principal matter to be uttered
condition of VISIBLE REINCAR-

Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co.
Kansas City, MO.

Well, what can one say - after that intro it's rather hard not to have a peek inside.

I am not exactly sure how to apply myself through this blogging exercise. We'll just have to wait and see. The good thing is that this is a perfect medium (ahem) for expressing your feelings and reporting on the observations of the day.

Yes, I think this is what I'd like to do here. At least the first steps have been made...