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Dan Aykroyd - Unplugged on UFO's

Dan Aykroyd - Unplugged on UFO's
1 hr 21 min 15 sec - Feb 7, 2007

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Hollywood star Dan Aykroyd, who is a believer in the existence and government cover-up of alien life-forms, hosts this look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings.

Akroyd shares his personal experiences in this field and also discusses recent findings with author and UFOlogist David Sereda. Dan Aykroyd Unplugged On UFO's features UFO footage as well as testimonial material from Astronaut Gordon Cooper and others, including former president Ronald Reagan.

Note: Dan has in his possesion the photo and video material of the famous O'Hare Airport sighting. That feature will be presented is his new documentary.
Hmmm..., something seems to be taking place on the UFO scene at the moment – something quite subtle and intangible. Both in terms of the actual increase in the number of sightings and the widespread release of tons of new research material.

The general increase in the number of sightings is probably due to both the number of people actually looking up in the sky – and the increased number of alien visitations.

What could that mean in terms relevant to us – the everyday people?
This is basically the theme of today’s documentary.

To be honest, I never gave Dan much credit. I kinda thought that he was a bit of a showman, maybe with a dash of geekiness. Sorry Dan, if you are reading this – but you never really exposed this side of yourself before…

And the person that basically comes out in front of our very eyes is an extremely intelligent philosopher with extensive knowledge in the field of UFO’s, with a genuine thirst for knowledge.

That is rather surprising and most pleasing, actually.

I must congratulate Dan on this interview – it must have taken quite a lot of strength to do it. I mean, most people attempting to discuss UFO's and aliens are either ridiculed or pushed out to the fringe of science, with little chance of reaching mass audiences.

What surprised me the most about Dan in this particular interview was his eloquence and the impressive display of knowledge – information which he seems to have gathered over an extensive period of time. It is especially evident in his discussion of interdimensionality.

Another interesting part of the interview is when Dan speculates about the benevolence of the alien visitors - something that most researchers feel very uncomfortable about and tend to just settle on “they’re friendly – why not” shtick.
The possibility of us being food or a cruel joke is somehow inconceivable to most people interested in the topic.

Well, Dan Aykroyd seriously explores various possibilities. He gives some reasons to think about aliens as friendly beings – but also delves into the implications of malevolent alien behaviour; things like abductions, the trauma caused as a result, etc…

That in itself is rather revolutionary. Sure, there were plenty of others before him to seriously consider this question but Dan Aykroyd is a celebrity. A famous celebrity talking about aliens trying to pretend they’re nice so they can trick you. Not bad.

Anyways, enough about my impressions – do make an effort to form your own and just watch this fascinating interview. It is peppered with lots of great UFO footage – a lot of it is very recent.

I am very interested in the topic of UFOs and have already posted about other great movies discussing them. Please see Open Your Eyes - UFO Video and Testimony for more information.

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